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Focus on your goals

The Dorata Investment Consulting

We offer experienced investors support in managing their wealth. Through individual analyzes of portfolios, we try to objectively assess the asset management process and control it in a targeted manner.


The key factors in investment activity include a clearly defined investment strategy and the efficient implementation of the investment organization. Equally important is the careful selection of asset managers and their regular review.


Development and implementation of investment concepts

  • Formulation of investment objectives

    • Analysis of risk capacity

    • Determination of the asset allocation

    • Fixation of the investment guidelines and instruments

    • Determination of investment style and benchmarks

    • Manager Selection

    • Analysis of performance

    • Comparison of return risk and costs

  • Special analyses

  • Second Opinions

With foresight for a spot-on landing

The Dorata pension advice

For many working people, the pension fund balance is one of their greatest assets, but they only have very limited knowledge about it.


Basically, the benefits from the pension fund together with the AHV and private provision should cover the financial expenses in retirement. Due to the demographic development, however, our statutory pension systems are reaching their limits, which leads to adjustments in benefits. We help our customers to gain an overview of their pension situation and to optimize it.


  • Information on the cornerstones of occupational pensions

    • Mandatory vs. extra-mandatory

    • Insurance benefits of the PK

    • Vested benefits

    • Purchase into the pension fund

    • Pensions or lump sum payment upon retirement

  • Well-founded analysis of the current situation and identification of optimization potential

Together to  perfect throw

The Dorata Asset Manager Advisory

As an asset manager, you are interested in potential investors being made aware of your investment solutions. In order to successfully cover investor demand with the offer, some basic requirements must be met.


Thanks to many years of experience in working with institutional customers, we can offer you a hand in this regard and support you in working on this customer segment in a target-oriented manner.


  • Defining the target customer segments

  • Identification of suitable instruments

  • Development of a strategic business plan

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